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Paul Ryan has introduced a “replacement “plan for “Obamacare”. The plan is good but could and should have been introduced in the Congress when “Obamacare” was first introduced. The changes proposed are items that will improve  healthcare for all but why make all the fuss about how bad “Obamacare” was and is when the current changes could have been put in place before the initial roll out of the “Affordable Health care Act” was put in place. This points how poorly we are represented in the Congress. This Congress had the opportunity to read and make changes before the roll out but due to politics and possibly Racism caused hardship for many “American People”, you know the people they always cite and purport to represent. To repeat a theme I have covered before: we the “American People “have to make changes in our representation in Congress in the way we can, by voting for new people and get the old ones out. The current 535 have been in too long to be effective. We now see that they are not statesmen (or women) but just highly paid government workers whose sole purpose is to take care of them selves. The one point to show this self serving attitude is the “secret” enacting of the “law” that grants them a cost of living increase annually. when was your last “COST OF LIVING INCREASE”? The key to better government is better informed voters, do not allow the political establishment to incite you with Race, religion and non governmental issues. Your religious, race and other personal beliefs do not and should not affect Governmental policy . What matters is that ALL of the “American People” receive equal treatment from the government and the way that happens is having better representatives who can make good decisions for us all. The only threat to bad representation is informed voters.

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