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The recent hype over gun control measures shows how little our 535 seat fillers do for us. The Dupublican majority is holding the legislature hostage until they (hope) a like minded President arrives. With the apparent candidate plowing through the country with absurdities as speeches and the leadership scrambling to figure out what to do about him, with him or about him, the “American People” they are so fond of citing have a non functioning Congress. It should be crystal clear that we “the American people” need to insure a change in Congressional leadership. It doesn’t matter that each state may have a productive representative, what matters is that the current leadership is so anti “American people” that it can’t even pass or discuss common sense legislature to protect us from violence. Thank you NRA, super PAC’s and other anti “American People” supporters. I will offer again the path to better government: elect legislators who are for us and not looking for a free ride as a member of Congress. “Our Congress” has been a failure for over 15 years, the real Congress members have all but died or retired and we are left with the power hungry ne’er-do-well. This situation has been exacerbated by the election of a non white President, which in reality should make no difference if the Legislature was really interested in the welfare all of the “American People” that they so often quote (as if they asked us all our opinions). As voters our responsibility is to ignore all political rhetoric, government speak and the high sounding phrases and get the facts before re electing anyone to Congress. We can no longer afford to be single issue  or poorly informed  voters.

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