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The oft cited “American People” have been persuaded to shoot themselves in the foot by an entertainer and his loosely associated group of neer do wells sometimes called Congress. The still ongoing Presidential campaign brought more promises and empty superlative rhetoric than can be brought to fruition like the overblown numbers of  the touted “illegal voters”. To date this administration has begun to roll back safety measures for the environment that we all live in, is attempting to kill the little bit of healthcare that many of us now have, promising the return of jobs that are not possible to be returned and tweeting about things that do not have anything to do with governing. Now due to the high-flying rhetoric on the campaign trail many Americans who have been angry with the government now are having second thoughts but unfortunately we took the needle and damage is done. Our options now are push your representatives to do their jobs, do not take no for an answer , do not believe much of what they tell you and finally vote them out of office. The concept of  representatives being good people is and has been a misconception for years. We just never knew as  much as we know now thanks to electronic and social media. The job of representative is important and we deserve to have the right people in place. At this time we have people whose personal  perks (that we pay for) have been mandated by them! Their health care was never endangered during this “repeal and replace”, with that fact in place what incentive would they have to do anything for us?  It seems that they have one objective and that is to take care of themselves in any way they can and if it coincidentally does something for the voters then that’s a bonus. The solution is the vote and avoiding the politispeak that some many elected officials use when addressing  their constituents. We must have no illusions about our Congress, they are not on our side and it appears that they never will be. We as voters need to create a revolving door if need be to get the right people in place. Once we have that accomplished we need to demand changes in their salary and power. The power needs to be in the hands of the people as we are usually the recipients of their ill-fated laws and actions. It is apparent to me that these neer do wells are not listening to the people and the people are the reason they are in office. We can spend another election season of speeches that mean nothing or we can demand the truth then vote for or against the runner but we must be informed to do that.

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