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The many people who voted for Donald J. Trump scored a minor victory in his election. As in many touted wins there is a downside. The in power Congress has a different agenda than Mr. Trump and it does not bode well for any of us. Mr. Trump is gleefully attempting to be Presidential while the Congress is busily planning an agenda that will reduce healthcare and freedoms many of us currently enjoy. The labelled groups all have different ideas than most of us as to how the country should be run. No matter what side you are on it is wise to remember what affects one eventually affects all. Trump’s cabinet is a collective that will affect everything we do from education to security. As voters all of us want the best leadership but we seem to have relied on sources of information that subvert the truth. We are in essence being lied to on a daily basis by the government. The “government” at this time is current majority party who no matter what you think (or hope) are not working for you. It has been this way for years and these anti voter representatives  strive to convince you that they are on your side. It is the duty of every citizen to forget parties and look at what is actually being done and said in your name! The current White House resident was elected  due to low voter turnout rather than an overwhelming  majority. If you were disappointed in the election results then you need to educate yourself in what is and what isn’t in politics. Remember that under our Constitution the right to voice an opinion  is protected and that includes lies. We current have a minor serving as titular head of the nation and being diapered by  a host of unscrupulous people including many members of Congress.

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