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With all of the recent Airlines issues, debacles and physical encounters, you have wonder what is happening with the Airlines? Apparently all of the highly touted Airlines training has changed and become a non factor. I am not a frequent flier and probably will never be however I am becoming more reluctant to use air travel. To begin with, there is the early arrival to begin the screening process and then you are subject potentially an extreme screening involving removing shoes , belts, emptying pockets and removing laptops from bags. This being the law is the first stress point in air travel. The airlines to gain more revenue charges a minimum of $25.00 for the first checked bag up to 50 pounds and more thereafter (this pushes people to pack more in carry-ons). You are limited to a certain size carry on and a certain size for the overhead bin. If you put these initial stress points together you have the beginning of a problem. Add in being bumped from your flight ( especially when you have or are on a connecting flight) and the stress builds. Topper is a rude airline employee at the gate or on the aircraft. All combined factors make air travel more like air terror.


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