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Recently and in the recent past fired TV personalities have stated that their demise was due to pressure from the Liberal left rather than their own improper actions and statements. If these once closely followed opinion providers  were really honest about their situations then they would realize that those situations were of their own making during the years they were making their way to the top. Their poor judgement is part of their character and not something that just arose when they became celebrities. There are many of us who have what could be called quirks in their character however more of us realize the difference  between what is correct and what is not. These celebrated people have no special dispensation to do their wrongs just because of that celebrity. To protest their plight and blame that plight on someone else is what children do, not supposedly grown up responsible adults. This brings up the question of how much of their on air offerings can we believe? I would offer another question of Why now? Why didn’t these folks attempt to change their ways before, considering their status and the idea that their followers have a high regard for their opinion and would believe what they say on air? There was a time when the people you viewed on TV were people of character and their personal opinions did not enter into what ever information they were giving us. It appears now that the opinion rather than the facts are more important which amounts to misinformation and often outright lies. Why now look at someone else for your failures when you alone could have done better?

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