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Today the news is new but tomorrow it will be old but revised to reflect the events that have occurred today and tonight. The worst thing about news is that it evolves so quick, that is also the best thing about it. With that statement I have been following the “antics” of the Trump administration. His picks for his cabinet all appear to be anti anything Obama. Every action they take is against whatever Mr. Obama has done. This is a simple way to “fix” things but a detriment to progress. All actions made by Executive orders do not go into effect immediately so what is the point of doing it haphazardly with no investigation of the long range effect on all of us. An example of this type of action is the push for repeal of “Obamacare”. The proposed replacement has been shown to be lacking and worse than the “Affordable Care Act” with all of its issues. Now some of the legislators are looking into fixing the ACA as they should have done at its inception! The newly minted Attorney General whose track record as a Senator was less than stellar on Human rights has risen to a new low in issuing orders on sentencing regardless of severity of crimes(talk about human right violations). The education secretary is so steeped in “Rich Bitch” as to have no idea of what education is or what is required. These two appointees coupled with Dr. Ben Carson serve show that our TOTUS seems to be in a wonderland of his own and is in the process of building walls between the USA and our closet Allies. The recent European trip was more like a tourist than a world leader  in that he appeared to have no clue about protocol and procedure. All of this with the swirl of Russian interference still in the air, where will we be by the end of the year? Is disarray the order of the day for this administration?

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