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Illinois finally has a budget, is the damage done -yes, is it fixable- yes!. Step one to fixing is a new Governor rather than a self styled Government repairman. Repairing the damage done will take many years but the State will endure. The voters have one task from here on, pay attention to what our elected officials say and do, call them on what the say and do if you feel it is incorrect or anyway unclear. Do not get caught up in the advertising of politics as most of it is just hype hiding the real truth. These past years of no budget smacks of decisions made to bring the State to its knees in order to ride in like a savior. The Facts are: Mr. Ruiner is not a politician which is OK however he is too self absorbed to lead a multifaceted group of people such as a State with all of its subsets of people and their needs. There are no one size fits all solutions in a state which is why we have elected representatives from all over the state. Our task as voters is to insure we elect the right people to lead us.

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