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The past 7 years the neer do well Congress has essentially subverted the Government by blocking almost everything President Obama wanted to do and attempted to do. The first issue was rephrasing his healthcare bill as Obamacare rather than  Affordable Care Act. They insisted that there would be death camps, huge costs and with that logic (lies) many Americans did not enroll. In the background of all of this was the Alt Right led by Steve Bannon, Bill O’Reilly et al. It is unfortunate that the under informed chose to believe the lies due to Racism and cause the election of Donald Trump. The election of DJT has given us popinjay whose main objective is to roll back any thing President Obama has done no matter who is hurt in the process. The under informed have decided that Obama is responsible for the Racial divide, the inaction of Congress and job loss. Currently TOTUS is pushing for the repeal of Obamacare aka Affordable Health Care no matter what the cost to Americans health. Now the big push is on to influence the Presidents’ approval ratings by repealing Health care with nothing to put in it’s place, effectively placing the  health of many Americans in jeopardy. America under this Congress and TOTUS has regressed to pre civil war status where anything can be said or done with no fear of reprisal especially against people of color and  ethnic or religious sects. 2018 could be the year to make significant changes in Government but only if we become informed and vote. Get woke and vote!

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