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This was sent to me from a friend in Colorado. MA

I pulled this from

This lady is angry, but she is eloquent and gives a perfect summary of
the situation.

It is hard to imagine anyone less worthy of a pardon or of mercy of any
kind than Joe Arpaio. He repeatedly flouted the law by engaging in the
highly publicized and self-serving harassment and abuse of millions of
his constituents at the expense of actual law enforcement and public
safety. He thumbed his nose at the Department of Justice, the court
system and every other legal attempt to get him to cease and desist his
unconstitutional racial profiling of citizens and noncitizens alike. He
has yet to serve a day in jail or pay any other legal price for his
crimes. And he has demonstrated not one ounce of remorse or repentance,
or made any amends to the people he terrorized for more than a decade.

By pardoning someone who has done nothing to earn it, President Trump
has further cemented his upending of both presidential norms and common
decency. And it is obscene for the president to pardon someone who has
been a gleeful and unrepentant bigot and a scourge of all communities of
color in his state just days after he defended White supremacists,
neo-Nazis and their despicable acts in Charlottesville. And that this is
his very first use of this presidential privilege tells you all you need
to know about which Americans matter to him and which don’t.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the instigator of racial profiling and made
official a policy of harassment and abuse based on the color of one’s
skin in Maricopa County. SB1070 codified those policies in the state.
President Trump gave the blessing of his administration to pursue those
disgraceful and unlawful policies in every state and locality in the
land. Every person of color in this nation has been put in harm’s way
because of this action and that is unconscionable.

-Janet Murguía (President and CEO of UnidosUS, previously known as NCLR
(National Council of La Raza)

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