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Why are so many of us happy with lies? The past 10 years (at least) has brought us news outlets, mainstream and independents that bombard us with information. These streams of information in print and electronics are not all informational in the best way. It appears that some of the information is designed to rile the reader up, accent items to pile on the perceived fears of the reader or listener. This works much like the 1930’s propaganda assault by a European dictator. Some of the same themes have been carried over to some of these outlets even in this “modern” world. Once the fandom is sufficiently worked up and angry, the lies really begin and continue non stop. We now have a CIC (TOTUS) who won the office based on these lies and biases. To that end we are spending tax payer money on his business rather than the American publics business, things like infrastructure, jobs and reforms that make sense. This administration has brought us the rise of anti immigrant and minority sentiments along with the organizations who support it. These anti American groups (yes they are!) have the tacit and sometime explicit support of the Oval office. What has happened is the American public has been angry for years but blaming the wrong people for any real or perceived injustice. The real onus is on the voters for not paying attention to what their elected representatives are doing or have done. The Constitution is 3 short pages long and many have not read let alone understood it but so many invoke it. Primary issue here is anger toward the Government. That is  OK if you understand why you are angry and use that anger to write and contact the person (s) you elected to work for you. It is important to remember that a well crafted letter  or whatever form of communication you prefer is better than an endless profanity laced  rant. As an analogy: it is commonly known that in boxing and other sports anger leads to defeat. This applies to voting also, get informed (or woke) then vote. Understand the issues whether you like them or not. Always remember:


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Hitler lied his way into office and led his country into an unwinnable war against the world (sound familiar?).

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