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With the ascension of the “Boss Baby” (apologies to the movie) to the white house it has been difficult for me not rant continuously about the idiocy of our Congress and the die hard followers of TOTUS. Many times in reading and writing including postings from others, I have felt the need to sanitize my keyboard and screens. The rhetoric that appears online from so many talking heads especially the likes of “FOX” commentators and Mr. Rust Limbaugh is absolutely as racist and divisive as you can get without wearing the robes of the Klan on the air. I was looking at the “Blond*” onslaught that we have evidenced as talkers for the right (often to extremes). I am amazed that the mouths and noses of the people can stand to remain on their faces. I do not know if they actually believe what they say but they say it with a seeming conviction that scares the crap out of me and it should you also. The idea that they have prime time spots that contacts millions who through issues that they have allowed to grow because they have paid no attention to the people they have elected over the years. These folks have every right to be upset and should be but they have allowed themselves to be converted to ignorance by the “Hitler-Goebbels” ploy of telling the same lies over and over until it become real to the people. All Americans listen and see the same news (even when it is skewed) but many understand that all news is not equal. A pretty face and great figure does not make lies true. There are too many problems that are being under reported and just ignored for the sake of sensational journalism(?). I have starred (*) Blonds earlier in this post and that refers to this list of presenters of “news” and opinions that do not represent most of us.                                                                                     The list: Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Conwoman, Megyn Kelly and Lara Ingraham. To top of the list of Natterers we have former speaker “Newt Gingrich” seeking recognition for some reason known only to himself.  To be kind, these folks are not dumb they are either misinformed, under informed or just  out to push an agenda for money.

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