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When we learn that politicians essentially lie for a living, we then begin to pay closer attention to what they say on the campaign trail and compare that to what they say and do in chambers. There are very few of the 535 who are in it t0 serve, the others are in it for the money. I believe any one of us could live comfortably on the salary of the Congress without the additional perks of the office. There is not much beyond voting that we can do unless we use social media. Think about what can happen if supporters and non supporters wrote or called their representatives with their complaints on a daily basis. This outpouring will give them a better idea of what people want and think than any survey. Most information put out as what the “American People” want is not and appear to be more of a snap shot from selected groups and usually via a survey over the phone or by mail. We the  American people need to leave the opinions of the media on the ground and assert our own through direct contact with our representatives. Every State and the Federal government has a list with the contact information for the elected officials. No matter which method you use, remember a stamp costs fifty cents, an email or phone call next to nothing. Think about how much time you spend on Facebook and understand that the time would be better spent presenting your  views to your representative. If this were done once every day by all of us, imagine what could happen.

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