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This ongoing controversy over firearms has yet to see a reasonable discussion as to what needs to be done or what should be done. Most reactions are knee jerk and further jerked about by the NRA. The lobbyists of this group are so powerful (rich) that they scare the crap out of many politicians. If the politicians are that afraid of this group then we need to replace them. This is not about taking firearms away from folks. this is about stopping unstable people from obtaining firearms or perhaps other weaponry. The debate will go on for a long time fueled by what ifs, perhaps and maybes. It is apparent that some folks should not own firearms but since there is no competent legislation available to accomplish this we are stuck with an olio of laws  across the country that allow or disallow firearm ownership and use. Most States now have a concealed carry law and that in its self provides for licensing and competency tests in the law and use of forearms (coincidentally adds to the States treasury). This does not test the mental competency of the applicant or firearms owner. We are at the point where there are no laws that cover things like the shooters who have committed attacks en masse. It always appears that the shooter who survive seem to have mental issues ranging from perceived (by the shooter) issues to full blown psychosis. These are things that come to light well after the event but were sometimes noticed and ignored earlier on. There is no way to legislate the mental state of anyone until an event of some sort occurs if the perpetrator survives. That legislation (by a court)  is usually incarceration with the possibility of release at some future date. Where we are now is that no legislation can stop or even slow down a determined person with a mental bent towards this type of action. Firearms in the classroom, concealed carry by the public or open carry are not likely to stop these events but could possibly shorten the length of the event, so where are we as far as a solution? The solution is simply stop trying to solve a problem that may be medical with laws that waste money and time while using firearm ownership as a political “buzz word” to inflame the voters.

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