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I am sure we all are tired of the ongoing  Faux news and short media messages with no substance. It has been the long-standing practice of our Government to keep some information closed off from us, this may be right or wrong according to each individual however in some cases the less we know the better. This practice has no wrong or right but it’s use will probably continue whether we like it or not. The current administration has surpassed many of the past in its information flow. This is an administration that has no qualms in using certain media outlets to get their message out by means of  alternative facts, lies and half truths. While all of these messages are being put before us, the administration is busily overturning previous administrations laws and actions that will eventually harm us all. All of this in the guise of getting things done (even if they hurt us). It would be nice if the administration would take a part of the Hippocratic Oath that Doctors take: “First Do No Harm”. It is the duty of each citizen to seek truth by looking at several sources of information to get truth and upend alternative facts. Do not believe everything you see or read as anything can be distorted or altered in this age of electronic gadgetry. Years ago in College I wrote a speech titled ” you can’t believe what you read in the paper”. At that time there was no internet and all of it current trappings. The gist of the speech was a made up story about a raid on a home, the facts were made up and untrue, the last paragraph gave the true story, this was the only speech I got an “A” on. Now many years later that speech has become reality. Now we have the truth being unabashedly trampled daily and by the people we have elected to represent us. Our ability to get honesty is retarded by news outlets out for ratings and our seemingly endless thirst for sensationalism instead of truth. These “alternative and altered” fact purveyors have encouraged and are encouraged by people who delight in trash. Recently a “doctored” photo of an athlete in the locker room with a burning American flag was posted and taken as truth causing the twitter trolls to go crazy . After the photo was shown to be doctored the trolls continued and unfortunately our electronic media does not easily allow for retractions or corrections.  As voters we need to look carefully at what news we receive and maintain a bit of cynicism on all media if it appears to false, then investigate other sources to get the truth. Lest we forget; “Goebbels used lies to affect the death of millions in Europe”.

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