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What kind of National representation is it when town hall meetings are filled with Hand picked attendees? TOTUS has used hand selected attendees in his town hall meetings. This does not represent the American people. These folks are not even a microcosm of America. These engineered meetings are similar to Hitler’s “town hall” meetings in the 1930’s. These meetings while not representative of America as a whole amount to a captive audience. Their  enthusiasm is similar to the audience on a game show vying for a chance to be seen or heard. This use of the population based on their usefulness to the speaker speaks to the lack of honesty by this President. Apparently it is easier to keep up a barrage of outrageous Tweets that serve only to take the focus off the real issues rather than making even the slightest attempt to Govern. It is clear that this Resident of the Whitehouse has no interest in truly Governing and uses bully tactics to affect a sense of it which excites his ever shrinking base. The executive orders issued are not really  laws but they have not been challenged by Congress as many of Obama’s were. It is easy to state forward progress while Tweeting about so many extraneous issues that have nothing to do with Governance. It is easy to excite people with lies as they can contain anything as long as people believe them. It is coincidental that Trump’s Grandfather was an immigrant and had his Grandson been President at that time what would have become of him? The worst part of this Presidency is that all actions thus far are based on fulfilling campaign promises at any cost rather than actually governing a country. A major issue is the ACA and it’s repeal which was supposed to allow for tax reform. To explain: The offered Health care changes or replacement was supposed make funding available to reform the tax code. Now the methodology  is go at these important issues in a piece by piece manner that if completed will cause  long term problems that will take years to fix.

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