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I have decided to not use the letter “P” when addressing, writing or speaking about the current administration’s head. Given the words and actions of this TOTUS, in my opinion there is no reason to elevate him in name to leader of our country. Looking at the recent tweets and speeches along with the statements by UN representative Nikki Haley I have determined that the sooner we can elect a replacement the better. It may prove to be unwise to impeach as we could have Mike Pence or even Paul Ryan which could put us in a deeper hole. It will already be a tough slog to bring the Government back to normal after mid term elections but if we as the often cited “American People” pay attention and realize that our political system’s health depends on us not the people we have elected over the years by not fully vetting them. It is true that campaign rhetoric is more talk than action but we must look at the backgrounds of the candidates and their backers. All of this information is readily available if one choses to look. A starting place is examining multiple sources of news and information, there is and never will be a one stop know it all source as there will never be a 100% accurate source. This past election should prove that all information is not true and all politicians are not 100% honest. This dishonesty is partially the fault of the voters (us) as we appear to want to be riled up by buzzwords and sound bites, this desire for entertainment belongs to the TV set not in election campaigns. We as voters need people who do not play to the crowd but have serious answers to serious questions. It is wise to remember that all campaign promises cannot be accomplished as we still have 535 seat fillers who have been in office too long and need to be replaced hopefully with better people. As a voter and citizen I have made the leap to understanding politics by reading multiple sources of information in order to become a well informed voter and I hope you will do the same. NO more “P”!

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