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Abraham Lincoln Stated: “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. This  current administration has made that clear.  We have cabinet comprised of a group of wealthy people who due to their money make, coerce or intimidate people to get their way. Their objective appears to be imposing uninformed opinions on the American people while repealing and replacing existing laws and protections. Did you know that the GOP (Dupublicans) have been trying to play fast and loose with social security by touting it as an entitlement? Social security and Medicaid are not entitlements  but savings that keep people make all of their working life.  This maladministration Has taken credit for what was accomplished by previous administrations while taking other  ill-advised actions that will go against the well being of the often Cited American people in the future. The same American people who voted them in based on their Lies and soaring unrealistic rhetoric. All the while our so-called legislators are busily pushing us into a spiral of worse health care and less personal wealth due to an abominable Tax plan. The political system we use has been touted as one of the best however due to the voters taking our eyes off of our elected officials they have committed acts in our names and lied to us about what they have done. There are few if any laudable character traits in our Congress. The few possible Statesmen or Women are overwhelmed by the self serving party line seat fillers who have shown their character over the past 10 years. We have ignored or misunderstood their activities until it hits us at home (then it is too late). It is OUR DUTY as voters to investigate these folks as their campaign speeches are no more than “orchestrated information” to gain election using often absent or skewed facts. These tit for tat campaigns are rarely completely honest and we must see them as just that. I see the campaign speeches as either lies with a smattering of truth or truth with a smattering of lies, the key is be informed so you know the difference.

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