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Daily Archives: January 24th, 2018

Having a personal opinion is great.
Believing that one’s personal opinion is absolute truth
leads to most of the world’s troubles.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The current political war in Washington is more about personal preferences rather than what is good for the country (everyone in it). Since we are a nation of immigrants (no matter what the accepted definition of immigrant is) why are the people we elected making decisions that do nothing to improve our country and by extension our relations with our allied partners in the world? We have people in office who are so shortsighted as to be blind to the cost of their inhibiting actions. These actions have consequences beyond our borders and could conceivable (if not already) create rifts in our worldwide relationships. This administration has spent more time dismantling rules and regulations than improving ones that can be improved, all of this with the tacit if not implicit assistance of our neer do well Congress. It appears that the insiders of this administration have their own agendas and are working to make them priority¬† over the good for all of us. It is not an issue of campaign promises being accomplished, it is a case of¬† devious individuals inserting their own opinions onto the public landscape as necessary for better government. Currently the House intelligence committee is raising the spectre of FBI misconduct in the vein of the “McCarthy Hearings’ which ended in failure and the ruin of many careers. Devin Nunes failed in previous efforts to discredit the Mueller investigation and now is making another attempt at discrediting the Justice department and the Mueller investigation. This merely shows that the current administration is at odds with itself and will hurt us all by creating an extension of the existing malfunctioning administration. No matter what your political bent is, these elected people are not working for you. Each one of them is engaged in one-upmanship to benefit themselves. If you believe the current administration is doing a good job then I submit that you take the blinders off and realize that all legislation good or bad affects us all and for years to come until we elect better representatives who actually work for us in an honest manner.

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