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Daily Archives: January 28th, 2018

Apparently the Resident is a master of hype and hyperbole with a smattering of facts. The ongoing push for reversing executive orders from the previous administration which will affect many Americans for many years. This roll back under the guise of “Making America Great Again” will unless changed or modified will put us on a path of second class in the world order. The supposed and assumed injustices done to us by other countries and the previous administration are couched in terms designed to panic us into believing the barely believable. First  climate change is real (it has happened before but over a much longer time span (thousands or millions of years). The prime movers on these changes are folks who have their own personal interest in mind. These personal pushes are embraced by our Resident primarily because he is un or under informed and these providers of information hold him up as smarter and better than he is (or maybe not). There is no end to the blanket of falsehood pouring out this White House on the promise to “Make America Great Again”. Look at the results: Coal mine are still closing due to cheap natural gas, Immigrants are leaving on their own due to uninformed policies and perceived  sins and our allies are looking in wonder at the attacks on collective agreements that insure security and prosperity for all. Government works when there is integrity in it and right now the “Baby Boss” has missed too many naps to make rational decisions. This spoon feeding of misinformation is leading to possible series of  political missteps which will hurt us for a long time. We can only hope with a different  and saner Captain we can right the ship but only if we pay attention to who we vote for beginning with a non partisan look at who is seeking office and not be persuaded by campaign slogans and semi truths.

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