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Daily Archives: January 22nd, 2018

The current Congress is at a (hopefully) temporary impasse. After meetings with the Resident a bipartisan committee brought a proposal to fund the Government and take care of immigration. The Resident stated “He would sign whatever you guys bring me whether I like it all or not”, this is not the exact wording but it covers the essence. The next AM via tweet the Resident reneged on his words, this has been his way of doing things since his inauguration. Allowing for the yoyo effect of the aides and advisors¬† who have left, been sidelined or used sparingly, this administration has made no significant forward progress that benefitted the entire country. The meager benefits that has delighted his supporters will be at best short-lived and possible dangerous. The Resident has spent more time campaigning than governing as evidenced by the showy signing of executive orders that roll back protections that will affect all Americans. The majority in Congress has stood back and allowed things to happen while pushing their own agenda and hoping to get the signature of the Resident who by his actions will not read it or understand what he has signed until some one tells him what it is he as signed. The advisors around him tell him what he should do because he apparently has no clue. We essentially have a puppet surrounded by puppet masters who all have different agendas that do not bode well for America. The worst of this is the people in charge of press releases and press briefings (or the nose growing department) consistently relay hardly true and totally untrue statements with aplomb. This pattern of misinformation and outright lies has followed the Resident and his cabinet selections for years. Under the guise of being Conservatives has and will create more dissidence in the US than any administration over the past 10 to 15 years. Our credibility in the world has plummeted to a dangerous level and the Resident seems to take no notice. There appears to be no long range or strategic thinking in this administration beyond a biased and jaundiced view aimed at political theater which has no merit beyond exciting their base (such as it is). It is really unfortunate that there has to be a Government shutdown to get ordinary work done in this Misadministration since the purpose of getting elected is to move the country forward in a manner that benefits ALL Americans no matter if they are naturalized or natural born. It is wise to remember, the only true Americans are the Native Americans who were driven from their territories for the benefit of the newcomers (Europeans, et al). We must remember this quote:” If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything “ALEX HAMILTON (not Alexander Hamilton) British Author


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