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Daily Archives: January 16th, 2018

Who doesn’t believe that Resident Trump is a Racist along with many members of Congress? The Resident has no filter or ability to filter so what he says is what he thinks (think may be too strong a word). The recently reported outburst about immigrants is just one of these unfiltered events, much like the engineered town halls that Trump likes. Our Majority Congress has completely failed all of us in that several Dupublican members were present at the latest “utterance” and have denied hearing what he said or are defending it by trying to explain it or Trumping the blame onto the Democrat who was present. This type of slipping the yoke of responsibility is what we will have unless we voters oust some of the sitting Congress to get some traction on real democracy. Following a particular political ideology is everyone’s privilege but not to a fault. A general party line is of but remember each party has a hardline that defies the general line to point of non-existence. If as a voter you vote party regardless of the candidate’s beliefs and do not consider the outliers within that party then you probably should not vote at all since your voice will be muted by your own ignorance.

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