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Daily Archives: January 12th, 2018

Apparently the Resident is on the edge of a breakdown or is he? The recent comment in a meeting with Congress has shown the true colors of Donald Trump and his elitist attitude. His rollbacks have shown that he no longer or never did care what his actions have and will do to America (not Trumps America). His Racist followers fail to see how his actions while perceived as happily pro white will haunt them as well as other targeted Americans. It is well to remember American was White second by way of European travelers arriving here and decimating the Native population from coast to coast with impunity. In the interim between those times and now the Native American population has been relegated to small pockets of land and in some cases dire poverty. Making America Great Again is no more than a Euphemism for “Whites Only, the only good Indian is a Dead Indian, all blacks and Mexicans are lazy while using the so called lesser Americans to do the work that “White” Americans will not do or do not want to do. It is pretty clear that we have a Racist in the White House who has seemingly come into his own with the tacit approval of our Neer do well Congress notably the Leadership who have been silent in many instances where you would hope a spokesman for the people would not be. By extension we have a Congressional leadership  for the most part that will overlook the gross incompetence of this Resident in order to get their own poor policies enacted. Listening to the conversations in the wake of The Resident’s Racist comments, it is clear that may be more members of Congress who are in accord if not in lock step with this poor leadership in the White House. Voters need to pay attention and reflect on what has been said and what has been promised compared to what is occurring right now. The power  to change is in the hands of the voters not in the hands of lifetime politicians who lie for a living and apparently have no moral compass.

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