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Why does it take a large event to focus on the failings of our Congress and the current (lack of) administration? We already know we do not have a  national leader in the “normal” sense yet many of us have not turned the corner and understand that our Resident is lost. The packing of his cabinet with supporters and adorers is a huge red flag that should enrage us all. The idea of a cabinet is to have people who hopefully have integrity and an ability to do the work or learn to do the work. The current cabinet is staffed with folks who are not in it for the service but more for themselves and Resident. Unfortunately there appears to be no “public” in their public service. The Resident in under fire for current and past transgressions yet he was elected to lead (?) us. This leadership is steeped in entertainment style activities designed to get ratings instead of accomplishing the work of the people. If the many pronouncements, announcements and campaign (still) meetings are not an indication of the mismanagement of the office and are not offensive to you then perhaps we are not sure. Not one of us will ever be completely satisfied with whatever administration is in but there is usually some rationality in it’s actions. This administration along with a neer do well Congress are not putting their best foot forward. It appears to be more of a foot in the mouth.

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