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Daily Archives: July 12th, 2018

The antics of TOTUS continues and the world is paying attention. After a spectacular rant on Europe not paying enough for security and overblowing how much the U.S. is paying, DJT had a rare un scripted press conference where he walked back some if not all of his previous days claims. This is essentially the Trump style of management. This plays into the hands of the majority party who consistently uses the faux pas’ of this Resident to do their dirt and the dictatorial leaders of the world are using his words as  fodder for their own propaganda. As I have stated many times a well read voter is a road to a better government. There are perhaps 5 to 10 percent of the current serving Congress that are worth keeping in office , the long time servers need to go! Since Trump arrived in the White House he has tacitly and openly made Racism mainstream, encouraged anti government activities, reduced health coverage for the middle to the poorest of us and last but not least increase environmental hazards which also increase health issues for many. All of this to play to his supporters as an entertaining savior. A world leader has no need or time (if they are doing the job properly) to entertain. We are in the grips of wannabe dictator who is checked only by our Constitution not by the 500 plus feckless Congressional members.  What we have in the wings are two leaders in Congress who like the Resident are seeking to leave a legacy that will haunt and harm us for decades. There is no upside in keeping  this Congress and Resident in office.


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