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Daily Archives: July 29th, 2018

The debate and obvious misrepresentations on immigration is becoming too much of an issue when it could have been resolved with less fanfare and possible a year ago. What we have now is a person in the White house as described by a Spanish saying” no necisita Abuela” which means one who toots his own horn. Each time TOTUS wants to change  the narrative he brings up a different subject, in this case its the implausible expenditure of 20 billion dollars for a wall along the southern border which will have little to no effect on crossings. His focus on the Democrats wanting “open borders” (what ever that means) and that he will shut down the government unless he gets it is another  “Trumpedation” (scam) to conflate , confuse and distract from real issues such as his poor leadership. This administration is being run in the same chaotic or Quixotic as the Trump  company. He gets a thought and tweets it without regard to the truth of it and then walks it back with another untruth to cover the first one. This he does without a hint of remorse or embarrassment. We have two unknowns that could very well be impeachable acts. First, it is unknown exactly what was discussed with Chairman Kim of North Korea and second the private meeting with Putin which is still under wraps since there were only the translators and the two principals involved. This administration has us on the edge another possible crisis or crises on several fronts. All the while the crew of administrative prevaricators continue to plie their trade with impunity. Our neer do well Congress is interested only in maintaining a majority in order to cater to the people who do not give a tinkers damn about the voters and their needs. I  believe the oft cited “American people” are being grossly misled by the administration and the Congress and we need to put an end to by electing different people if no more than to showing the “ins” that we can do it. One caution: forget labels and parties when you vote as there are other options to consider.


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