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Daily Archives: July 15th, 2018

Am I alone in thinking (or knowing) that we have a Demagogue in the making with our current Resident. My initial reaction to his election was ” this is the height of hypocrisy”. Our nation has gone rogue or blind with the Dupublican hype. Many may not remember that for nearly 100 years the Republican party (save a few) along with the Democratic party (save a few) have not served us as a country very well yet they have done pretty well for themselves How is it that “struggling” office seeker can become quite well off in two plus terms in office? First look at the fact that years ago the Congress enacted laws that grant them COLA’s (COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENTS) so they would not have to face the public when trying to pass a salary increase. Add the benefits of this law to the “perks” of the office, an allowance¬† to decorate the office, housing allowance, staff salaries, committee chair and service fees ( they get paid extra to serve or chair on a committee)¬† and who knows what else. Using this information where do we need to go from here? Suggestion start a new trend – change the Congress! This will give us (voters) an opportunity to counteract the resident of the White House no matter which party they are a part of. Going back to the Titular “leader” of our country or the Leader of the worst elements of our country . TOTUS has insulted everyone but the dictators of the world possibly because he wants to be one or has been one in his businesses. It seems that his main talent is bullying and lying (with no regret). In what most of us consider the “real” world lying is not a trait we would want in the Country’s leaders yet we have lived with it for years from the local to the Federal levels of Government. Why was he elected?, simply put-APATHY!¬† This is the time that we can see the true character of our Congress and can beginning in the mid-term elections to turn the tide towards a more reasonable and moderate type of governance that will benefit us all. Think and learn before voting.


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