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Daily Archives: July 7th, 2018

The old Testament appears to be the forecasting of the coming of Christ and the new testament’s the chronicling after the Birth of Christ. Between these two Books, there are two other books, the Torah and the Quran both of these are essentially the same except for the named prophets and some other details which can differ due to translation between languages. The current administration has used (often wrongly) bible inferences to justify and gain approval for their nebulous and nefarious actions against us all. The Tax Reform under the guise of benefitting the lower class is a boon to Corporations and high income people. Using a street gang as a reason to deter the entry of  Hispanics into the country, using religion as reason to bar certain religions from entering the country and separating children from their parents. This dishonest action has extended to the military which has promised citizenship to foreign born folks who have enlisted and served with honor then were discharged without notice. Then there’s the issue of military LBGTQ members who have served and still serve with honor being forced in some cases to leave the service due to misinformation about the increased medical liabilities. Now there is the case of the High Court which is supposed to be composed of apolitical folk or at least people who are able to put their political beliefs aside for the good of the country, We have come to a time where the separation of Church and state has become  muddied by  a powerful segment of Conservatives whose “holier” than thou mindset seeks to bring us back to the days of “real witch Hunts”, indiscriminate Lynchings and the condemnation of any religion which they deem as not of God (who as a deity is put up as forgiving and open). It is important to understand that Bias of any kind in the name of religion is inherently  wrong if one is to believe the Bible(s) yet we have many members of government waving the religious flag to  further their personal agendas. I personally think many political types seek votes and will jump on any bandwagon that will get them to that destination. There are too many serving  elected officials whose convictions don’t include the people who support them. To correct the political imbalance one needs to know the candidates and ignore the hype before committing a vote for them.


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