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Daily Archives: July 19th, 2018

As shown in Tweets and press conferences the current Resident of the White House appears to be on a fast track to Making Russia Great Again. This unfortunate choice of a leader in the past national election has the potential to put us all at risk. The risks are more real than many of his staunch supporters realize. The risks: ongoing Russian interference here and abroad, the isolation of America from the unity of NATO and the economic downturn from Tariffs. I have heard many of his supporters in interviews dislike his tweets and the words he speaks in interviews but ignore the underlying issues with His Presidency. The GOP has used him as a pawn to pass legislation which will harm us all along side the lack of pushback on tariffs. This Congress allows his indiscretions to pass while passing an oppressive tax reform bill, dismantling the ACA (aka Obamacare) which many Americans benefit from and enabling dangerous cabinet members whose objectives are contrary to the good of the people. The “People” to be clear is defined in this case as ALL people living within the Continental United States and it’s territories. No matter what you think your politics are, one has pay attention to facts not the fictitious information spewed by our elected officials and their lackeys.


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