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Trump revoked Brennan’s access because he believes that Brennan has exhibited “erratic conduct” and questionable credibility. I would suggest that the reasons for revocation of Mr. Brennan’s security clearance apply more to TOTUS and the White house staff than anyone else. On the other hand it is apparently alright for Mick Mulvaney to remove protections against predatory lending for the Military and other Americans . It is Ok to separate children and parents who are legally seeking asylum, it is lawful to assess tariffs under the guise of fair trade correction. This President’s has one goal and that is to be a better President than previous White House occupants but apparently has no clue how to do it. The thoughts for action come into his head with no rational background and the details are left to lackeys who are afraid not to do what he wants no matter the consequences. Where is the Congress in all of this?  The seat fillers led by the Dupublican party  are sitting quietly on the side while certain factions of their party  keep coming up with  unfounded reasons for committees to investigate  voter fraud, undocumented workers committing crimes and undoing the ACA. The US’s standing in the world is at possibly an all time low and our greatest Allies have taken a step back to try to understand what is happening here. This is in effect the isolationism that eventually put us in jeopardy and eventually 2 world wars. The intervening years with American leadership (however flawed) has assisted in a more peaceful world with a larger amount of prosperity. It is well to remember that  no system of government is perfect but always correctable  and able to be tweaked for the better. What we currently have is essentially a “Rogue” state tacitly condoned by the in power party and many of its constituents, some of whom appear to be un or under informed.


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