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There is a very long list of Hyphenated Americans but there is only 1 (one) indigenous American group (s) who were here before Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci (the country’s namesake). Eons ago what is now North America was connected to the European continent by a land bridge between Alaska and Russia. This allowed early humans to cross over to what is now the North American continent. These early settlers are the Original “Americans” not the later visitors and settlers.
The rapid and extensive spread of the various European powers from the early 15th century onwards had a profound impact upon many of the indigenous cultures with whom they came into contact. The exploratory and colonial ventures in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific often resulted in territorial and cultural conflict, and the intentional or unintentional displacement and devastation of the indigenous populations.
The Canary Islands had an indigenous population called the Guanches whose origin is still the subject of discussion among historians and linguists.[16] Since the early settlement and subsequent governance by an assortment of European countries there were an olio of  Nationalities with skin color’s from white to black and languages from English to Bantu. All of this is said to emphasize that the only “true Americans” are the indigenous who arrived over the land bridge and they were essentially beat into submission by “foreign” invaders from Europe. (wikipedia)

Modern times have brought the idea that true Americans are White which is incorrect as the list of non indigenous Americans (or hyphenated) goes like this:

African -Americans, Irish-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Scottish-Americans, German-Americans, Franco-Americans, Russian- Americans, Italian-Americans, Swiss-Americans and so on. There are no true Americans except the indigenous folks who crossed and lived on the land bridge about 13000 years ago. So the facts remain that modern day America is composed of about 90% immigrants leaving the indigenous Americans in the minority and the First and only AMERICANS.


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