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TOTUS has mastered the craft of stating a non existing problem with current issues only to circle back later and address the issue again under the guise of “fixing it”. These issues were not broken until TOTUS said they were and his legion of followers who apparently do not read much yet follow his tweets and Faux news religiously accept the ruse as an accomplishment. Examples of the “TRUMP PLUMP”, NAFTA, The Paris Climate Agreement, The Iran Nuclear Agreement and the high profile meetings with North Korea and Russia respectively which gave those two leaders a higher profile and netted zilch for the United States. This is how 45 conducted his business and cannot abide not being the loudest voice in the room whether he is informed or not (mostly not). This President has packed his cabinet with adoring fans rather than the “smartest” people as he stated and we all are and will continue to suffer under those choices. What this administration amounts to is a National Platform for Trump which is used to promote his ego. This does not bode well for us.


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