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Is it possible that we are seeing major cracks in the TOTUS administration radiating from TOTUS himself? It is pretty plain that this administration is as close to chaos as it can get before collapsing yet there is a diehard base that somehow believes this administration is doing great just because it (the administration) has fulfilled some of its goals in trade and public policy. This latest flap over a high court justice could well be another wedge in the ever lengthening fracture of this (mis)administration. Looking at the ongoing lie stream ala Goebbels, we see an underlying undoing of protections that affect all of us (education: tacit approval of onerous financial burdens by for profit schools, EPA rules for air and water quality and outrageous immigration rules and enforcement). Our overpaid seat fillers also called Congress have aided and abetted this mismanaged administration while  trying to convince us that they are working for us. Our task as voters is to replace as many of these neer do wells as possible in order to get us back on track as a United States.  If you are truly paying attention then you will see that this herd of humps have played the blame game rather than do the work they were hired to do. It is well to remember that there is blame on both sides of the political spectrum, so no one gets out unscathed.


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