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Thanks to the modern media coverage America’s miscreants motivated by a Pinocchioesque  leader and aided by streaming lies are now sending bombs to public figures. There has been an uptick in public shootings by citizens and sometimes law enforcement. It is unfortunate that one person who could create unity is busily doing the opposite in spite of his staff(?) attempting to curtail his actions. Our Commander in chief” used to lead by example in spite of their personal belief’s and sometimes regrettable personal acts. What we currently have is an egotistical small minded man whose sole purpose is to make unfounded proclamations  and statements with impunity. In less than 2 years TOTUS  (the current Commander-in-Chief) has managed to undo nearly a century of progress with European alliances that have served us as we have served them in order to maintain peace and progress. There are no perfect alliances since there are so many facets of modern society yet for the most part there is a kindred spirit that links us all. Our current White House occupant has used the same strategy of chaos that he used in his business life to govern. What we as voters have is our ability to reason and to vote as informed citizens after reading and understanding information from several sources. As an informed voter we need to  eschew strict party line rhetoric from the main stream parties and any subsets to be as independent as possible based on your own research and understanding.


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