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TOTUS will be blamed and condemned from here on for his callous and reckless administrative style by a major portion of the United States and the longtime allies in Europe. To be clear Mr. Resident has conducted this administration like he has rub his business and that is to maintain chaos from event to event no matter the outcome. His sole objective is his own image which by the time his reign (not term of office) is done, there could be a general scrubbing of his name where possible. There have already been several hotels that have removed his name from their buildings. His tenure as CIC will not be fondly remembered but more of a cringe factor when mentioned. The next White House resident will have a huge gap to close and hopefully be up to the task. One can determine the state of Trump when you see him in a press conference with his arm crossed in defiance when hard questions are asked. This defiance is what his staff has to deal with daily but cannot say so. It is apparent that he is at once a revealer and concealer since his election has brought out the worst in us as a country and allowed the irresponsible Congress to pass a poor Tax program ( which is good for them) and attack the ACA which affects the health of millions (but not theirs). It is not possible to persuade any radical fringes until they themselves see the light as it were but it is possible to enlighten the uninformed with the truth because that is what we have and the truth will always remain so.


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