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If Al Capone wasn’t a criminal could he have been an elected official? If TOTUS weren’t a consummate liar would he be President? If Congress was as upright as they campaigned to be would we have the Racial and class divide we are now experiencing? If there were no “freedom” of speech and the press would we be as informed (correctly or not) as we can be? The “ifs” could be  guides as to where we should be putting our attention. If as a body our elected officials were people who truly represented the people they are supposed to then why are they exempt from:

1.The ACA (Obamacare) restrictions?

2. loss of pay during a shutdown?

3. Receiving a cost of living adjustment due to a law “they enacted”?

this is just a few things our “representatives” have as perks of the office (paid by us out of the U.S. Treasury) along with funding for office supplies, pay for staffing in Washington and their home states. The bright side: The funding is limited and has to be accounted for.

If we as voters ignore the issues that we consider “close to our hearts” and promoted by others using the advertising tactics of tantalizing us with what’s better and best for us, we could conceivably elect better people to advocate for us in Washington. the old saw “Lest we forget” should always be in our n minds when listening to politicians and information “news” spokespersons. This is just “ifs” we now need “do’s”.


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