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The current administration has made the failings of our government over the past 20 years apparent yet with all of the rhetoric during and after the elections, we still have the hypocrites who still promote the same failed policies as if they were new and fresh ideas. There will never be term limits applied by the elected officials so that issues falls to the voters. In order to advance this issue we all need to expand our knowledge of the facts which involves gathering information from multiple sources. Unfortunately too many talking heads have one objective and that is to promote whatever gets views and comments. The few real news presenters are hard pressed to compete with the loudness of idiots who are paid well to get those views (at any cost). If we combine that with a neer do well Congress who have all but abdicated their duties to an administration populated by arguably the worst members since the Nixon area and a disingenuous (mildly put) Commander, we have a perfect storm for failure as a nation. This administration apparently has one major goal and that is to be re-elected and continue to be “adored” at campaign style rallies. These rallies have the goal of promoting support for the poor policies under the guise of “Making America Great Again”. A simple read of most major news sources will reveal that this administration has put us into shaky relations with our long time allies and allowed our worst enemies inroads into our Government. All of this while spending government funds on illegal actions that undermine our government and reduce funding for infrastructure and public welfare (we pay taxes for all of this).


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