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Where the so-called Constitutional leader of the Senate in this “emergency declaration”? The Senate leader(?) is conspicuously absent in the vote on the President’s veto, could it be fear or complicity? Had this been the former President, Bitch would have been all over as would the current seat-filler in the White House. It is apparent that the Senate leader is not the leader he espouses to be in that he does what is safe for his own personal and political well-being. It is my hope that his base is looking at his actions that have damaged them as well as the rest of the country. We have only the hope that Nancy Pelosi with her longtime service can manage an override on this veto. This ill-use of OUR money will certainly follow the path of his ill use of other people’s funds in his business life. As a reminder of our (voters) purpose: Disengage from straight line party rhetoric, disengage from “entertainment news” and above all remember two middle letters in politician is: “LI”.  the rise of TOTUS has brought us down as a Country and will continue unless we stand up now against the actions of ill staffed and managed Administration. Just a reminder this administration has squandered enough of our money to have improved border security several times even though the “crisis” was manufactured by this administration. Bottom line here: phone, email, tweet your representative and ignore “faux news”.


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