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The past 10 – 15 years our 500 plus congressional seat fillers have engaged in “GET EVEN POLITICS”. This is enacting rules and laws that enhance the power of the majority party to move their agenda forward with no regard to future use and the effect on ALL voters. Currently, after judgeships being withheld over the past 15-20 years of political party power changes there have been changes that have enabled some unqualified to minimally qualified Judges to be appointed seemingly along party lines. This has set up a system of justice where injustice is growing and even rampant in some cases. I have heard folks say we need term limits, while this is an option but not one that would ever be taken up by existing and near future members of Congress. This leaves the issue if term limits to the voters. To paraphrase “Smokey The Bear”, “only you can install term limits”! Thinking about the job of a member of Congress: there are no mandatory retirement terms, the pay is pretty good, the future employment opportunities after even 1 term are pretty good, the retirement after 15 to 20 years in office are awesome and the healthcare is great. If we add in the office perks, this is a pretty sweet job. With all of this being said, the only check on poor performing members is the vote and unless we pay attention to their actions we will be destined to have the same “GET EVEN POLITICS” which defeats the idea of a free political system. Congress is the only check we have on a poor administration no matter which party the leader heads aside from our vote. Learn who is representing you and how well they’re doing it.


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