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Chasing the dream has now become a struggle that exacerbates and frustrates most of us. This upward push for everyday living by most Americans (voters) seems to be lost to the people we have elected to represent us in many ways. We have all heard the homilies and nodding agreement from politicians when asked or confronted but hardly ever heard the truth. As children, we were shielded from some truths by our parents or other adults but at some point, as we matured that halted or so we thought. Our elected politicians, our managers and sometimes relatives still attempt to present a different face on issues rather than lay it on the line and let us decide what is right in our minds. It must be remembered that our representatives are paid by the people they are supposed to represent through the taxes we reluctantly pay. As an aside: Many European countries pay higher taxes than we do and still prosper- perhaps they have better leaders or is it that they take more interest in what their elected members do?  We work hard for our money and we deserve to have a better return on that investment (taxes).


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