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No collusion-collusion delusion along with all of the other Trumped up Trumpisms will hopefully be cleared up with redacted or unredacted “Mueller Report”. All of the hype associated with this investigation has been discussed and speculated with few facts. As probably suspected by many A.G. Barr has downplayed the report with slightly misworded explanations as to the contents of this report. The problem is that most of us will never see this report in its entirety and probably would not completely understand it. There will be speculation over it until fully explained. TOTUS will now use this as “exoneration” ( not used anywhere in the 400 plus pages) which does not dismiss the apparent contacts and urgings from his administration. With the tacit and implicit aid of “Botch” McConnell, the GOP is now on a downward slide and is owned by TOTUS. The Congress as a body is elected to represent their constituents, not the party or the President (whoever that may be). The seat fillers we have in place now have squandered their time and our money preventing any perhaps helpful legislation for the sake of the party and their big dollar backers. It is clear that aside from the “con man at 1600” our “representatives have failed us. Voting is the tool we have and the tool we need to use for better government along with being informed. it would be well to remember that among voters there should be no divide beyond informed opinions as the Major parties are out for themselves-not us!


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