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TOTUS’s signature slogan “Make America Great Again” seems to have become “Make America Racist Again” or at the least provided a pathway for heretofore subdued Racism to rise and become a prominent issue. We must remember that actions tell the truth where words do not. TOTUS has been on the campaign trail from his first day in office. He fully understands that public presence is valuable no matter what he says. If you compare this to a reality show, the content is not as important as the presence and the associated titillation and excitement. Unfortunately, the selections made for his cabinet are an assortment of miscreants who are working their own wills with no oversight. TOTUS is living in the glow of the office but doing none of the real work aside from taking the weekends off to play golf and meet business associates. It seems that he is still running his business on the weekends and making feeble attempts at running the country during the week. His White House staff and cabinet seem to be running the country and telling him what they are doing after the fact. For all of the tweets that fly daily, they contain just nominal substance but create enough of a stir to get attention. What if there were no mass media coverage? Would this Residency survive?


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