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The current administration is busily appearing on Faux news shows to push the narrative that TOTUS is Honest and above board as proven by the “Mueller Report” as explained by A.G. Barr. This could not be further from the truth but using the Goebbels/ Miller/Bannon method of information dissemination they hope to convince enough people that they are honest and truthful. This appears to be a high hill with steep sides to climb and step by step another soft spot appears. The administration has been in campaign mode from the first day of its installation while making changes in laws without Congressional input (save a few die-hards who put party above duty to the voters). Step one in this is to vote against all long-serving members of Congress no matter which party they are in and be prepared to do it over and over until we get better people in place. Our Government may not be perfect but it is better than most and we have more freedom than most but we have put too much trust in long-serving representatives who have lost sight of who they work for. Forget party politics and examine the person you support, remember what works for you doesn’t work for all and that has to be a consideration as all legislation affects us all to some degree. The list below is who I think could be prosecuted after this administration is out of office. They have essentially committed crimes against us with lies and laws that have and will continue to have an effect for years to come.

Betsy De Voss              Stephen Miller                     Kellyanne Conwoman

Donald Trump Jr.       Steven Mnuchin                  A.G. William Barr

Jared Kusner              Wilbur Ross                            Ben Carson

Ivanka Trump             Sarah Huckster Sanders     Mick Mulvaney

Mike Pompeo              John Bolton                             Rudy Guiliani

To name a few.


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