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“Beware the advice of successful people; they don’t seek company.” – Scott Adams

The above quote from Writer and Cartoonist Scott Adams reminds me of a time when I was seeking my own success. Each time the progress was stymied by “advice” from as “successful” person who sometimes on the back end was ousted, removed or sometimes promoted to a higher position in which they failed. These “hesitations” created for me an ability to see beyond what was apparently obvious but transparently suspect. The resulting “Me” has allowed for mistakes yet some of them instructional and welcome. I suggest to anyone to take all advice with a grain to a shaker full of salt. The key to using advice is to listen for the undertones and nuances in what is being said. All wisdom comes with baggage that often needs to to be unpacked. Never be afraid to question, never accept everything at face value as that value can sometimes be zero. You can usually discuss advice from friends and family for understanding but it is sometimes difficult with others. Success is living the best life you can within your circumstances.


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