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If you didn’t notice TOTUS is sucking all of the air out of the room (so to speak) while the GOP is packing the lower courts with THEIR choice of Judges which will affect our country for years to come. The Ultra and lesser conservatives (religious and nonreligious) are working to make all of us beholden to their version of what America should be. Their version is not what the founders’ envisioned. TOTUS is so full of himself that he has no idea what is happening since he can only accommodate one coherent thought at a time and even then digest only the parts he can understand. The GOP learned early on that they can do what they want in spite of the effect on ALL Americans while TOTUS acts as a cover for them. Looking at recent events in the House, the GOP united to assail the proceedings to look supportive of  TOTUS’s rantings but are merely looking to maintain their tenuous grip on power. This is not to say that the Dems are any better but more userfriendly for the country. All of the executive orders and decisions made by the administration will possibly be rescinded or altered in the next administration should TOTUS be ousted through Impeachment or election. The next leader will have a first year of dissembling a tangled web of lies and wrongdoings with luck we will have a better Congress to assist in that effort. If you didn’t notice these are reasons to vote intelligently to get better government, just because a sound bite sounds good and reasonable does not mean it is correct.


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