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TOTUS has always been pushing the “loyalty” issue. 45 has valued loyalty above honesty and truth. The political “establishment” has embraced this to further their own ends. This is similar to the oft-stated “Nero fiddles while Rome burns”. Nero (metaphorically) being the Congressional TOTUS backers. Since TOTUS’ election, the GOP largely has supported him to a fault while creating their own “shadow” government which caters to their base. TOTUS’ base is not as large as has been reported but again liars continue to lie until enough people believe it or they are found out (then its’ too late). To get to the question: ” who does your representative work for?. It is apparent that for the most part, the pecking order is: Party, President, voters. The most important element in this is the Voters, without them no one gets in office. Would you think that it is time to reassert the power of the people?


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