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Across the world, we have experienced the rise of dictatorial leaders in many previously tolerant countries. These phenomena have been in the making for at the least 10 years while we have been among the moderating forces as well as leading in some cases, we have also failed to take a leap of faith in others. The current administration in “draining the Swamp” has replaced normal actions with bizarre actions that have exacerbated the exodus of immigrants from countries where we previously provided support for the people and their governments against the baser elements of those countries. We must be reminded that this withdrawal of support with no examination or concern over the effect on those countries and ours appears to be an underthought action. The actions of denying or decreasing the financial and backup military aid has definitely caused an increase in the outflow of immigrants from our “partners” to the south. The several “dictatorial” leaders in the southern continent have taken heart with the actions of the current administration as well as several similar regimes overseas bordering our European allies’ boundaries. TOTUS seemingly has envisioned himself as a “king and Kingmaker”, in reality, he has become a pawn to the more seasoned strongman leaders we (the United States) have opposed and held in check for years. Insults used as retorts are the tools of small minds, not statesmen or leaders. The” dealmaker” has proven his ability to fail is greater than his ability to create.


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