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We already know how poor an administrator TOTUS is yet we have lost sight of how poor our Congress is. This Congress has allowed a poor administrator to make poor decisions while using the public outcry over those decisions to cover their own nefarious actions. The Congress has been placing their own judges in lifetime positions to the detriment of us all. There is no reason for poor government except our (the voters) failure to see that our long-serving representatives are serving themselves. A few items to consider:

The ACA which was derisively dubbed “Obamacare” provided a way to provide healthcare for most if not all Americans. This was criticized by Congress yet that same Congress took parts they liked and incorporated it in their own healthcare. They (Congress) shortened the enrollment period to 45 days from 90 days which effectively shut many out of the healthcare system and creating an artificial drop in enrollment. This drop was then used to show that not enough people were enrolling and therefore the oft-cited “American People” were not on board with “Obamacare”. This callous act by our elected officials benefitted their narrative which is to show that the ACA is a failure in spite of the fact that approximately 20 million people participated. The underlying truth on any insurance is numbers. The more people enrolled the better the coverage and the cheaper the premiums, by keeping the enrollment numbers down (artificially by shortening the enrollment and keeping public awareness down)  our Congress has attempted to make a good thing bad. This action or nonaction by our supposedly “esteemed” Congress indicates where our elected officials focus lies. The opportunity to improve the ACA went fallow like unattended farmland due to the party politics of our Congress.

The onus is on the voters since we are deciding factors in ALL elections. Politics should not be an entertainment outlet as it has real consequences for all of us. If we refuse to engage in active and serious examinations of the candidates for Congress, we doomed to have the same poor governance we are currently experiencing. Congress is our check on the administration’s poor policies and if they (Congress) are complicit then they need to be replaced.


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