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Only in America can on have the right to speak out against injustice, government overreach (or under reach). The one right we should not have is the right to follow an inept leader into the jaws of death and despair. TOTUS has spent 4 valuable years (ours) promoting himself and his poor policies using “dog whistles” and racial slurs. It is unfortunate that too many citizens have fallen for the old “it’s them not us” theme. It would be wise to recall that as citizens we condoned slavery while relying on those enslaved to help us make progress. The current resident of the White House has no knowledge of government beyond what he “perceives” as wrong but no facts to back it up. He has taken the idea that he is smartest person in the room and isn’t. The reason for a cabinet and other agency heads is to inform the President of world affairs and what is happening in the country. This leader(?) has no patience for meetings that do not aggrandize his ideas and actions. His cadre of aides and assistants rarely go against his wishes or desires for fear of his tweeting about them and firing them via tweet. His appointments of agency heads are many times “acting” positions because he wants to be able to fire them at will. If we were able to “lay” the lies he has put forth end to end we could possible circle the globe. What we have is an entertainer seeking approbation on a daily basis rather than “attempting” to do the job and associated work of the Presidency. His loyalist followers fail to realize what affects one group of people affects us all. The end all (or it should be) is the farce of the recent election being “rigged” against him. His callous actions regarding the pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn should be enough to replace him but his loyal voters fail to see that and follow him unmasked while potentially spreading a deadly infection. With the GOP firmly in hand TOTUS and his allies have brought the country to the lowest level since the “McCarthy Hearings”. The GOP has always been the party of fiscal restraint but this is not the time for restraint with Millions of voters suffering with death, illness, homelessness and economic stagnation. World War II showed us that we (America) can rise out these ashes but not by fiscal restraint. We all need to understand that many times our elected officials are lying to us in order to remain in office. There is no worse crime by elected officials than allowing their constituents to suffer while their paycheck and health care continues unabated. It is incumbent on voters to remember who had their backs in times like these and party affiliation should not be a factor. A persons integrity is more important than their party affiliation.


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