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The Congressional crapcus is again making moves to block payments to insurance companies. These companies who provide care under the ACA. You remember the ACA aka “Obamacare”, the medical plan that is designed to provide healthcare for all at an affordable price. The same plan that our Congressional pimps decried because they wanted to block anything the President did or wanted to do. These same 535 seat fillers who never read the proposed bill but excerpted it and went balls to the wall against it. The result is a system that works some what and all because the Congressional pimps did everything they could including misrepresenting the ACT to defund and delete it. This blocking of insurance payments will increase the cost to subscribers or kill the program with nothing in it’s place. If the voters of America do not wake up too many of us will end up with no coverage and the Congress will still be protected under their government system. Who do you thinkĀ  Congress represents?, apparently not us!

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Please Donate

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